School Lunches


Sushi Lunches provided by Suma’s Sushi, a healthy option which also raises money for the school. Orders are made in bulk for the term, and then delivered to your child’s classroom each Wednesday.

Term Bulk Ordering:

Pay in advance for the term to confirm a weekly sushi order for your child/ren. Sushi will be delivered to their class each Wednesday..

Menu & Price List for 10 week term:
Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetarian, Tuna
Uncut Roll: $54
4 Pieces:   $59
6 Pieces:   $79
Rice Ball:   $39
2 Rice Balls: $74

Salmon (gluten free)
Uncut Roll:  $59
4 Pieces:     $64
4 Pieces:     $89


Parents run Friday lunches as a school fundraiser. Mince Pie, $4 and Frozen Juicy, $1.

  • Write your child’s name, room number and quantity on an envelope.
  • One envelope per child - no sibling orders please
  • Enclose the correct money (No change will be given. No cheques please).
  • This is to be handed to your child’s classroom teacher at the start of the day.