Snow Days

What do you do if it snows? 
Will school be open? 
Will it be a late start?

One of the realities of living in an alpine environment is the potential for school being closed because of bad weather. It is more likely that the bad weather will occur overnight and a decision regarding school being open will be made in the morning.

  • If you think there is a possibilty that school may be disrupted, please listen to our local radio stations for advice.

  • You will receive a text through our ‘school links’ text system (please ensure the office has your updated cell phone details on file).

  • Information will be placed on the home page of the school website.

Should snow occur during the school day, school will remain open. Please do not attempt to phone school as our lines will be over-loaded, but do listen to the local radio stations or view our website for instructions. Buses will not run early. Contingency plans are in place to accommodate children at school, if this is deemed necessary.
It is better for you to stay at home and to only travel on the roads if you have chains fitted and are experienced in driving in these conditions.