Parent-Teacher Association

The PTA consists of a group of parents and QPS teacher representatives who work within the school community to achieve the following:

  • To help build a strong school community through school and community events.
  • To raise funds to spend on essential resources that directly benefit the students and the school.
  • To bring home and school into closer partnership.

All parents are encouraged to be part of the PTA. We are always looking for more support, and it's a great way for you to meet new people and stay informed and connected with school happenings.

Some of the events / activities the PTA are involved in are:

  • School Fair (Term 1)
  • World Famous Apple Crumble Stall at Winter Festival Community Carnival (Term 2)
  • School Disco (Term 3 or Term 4)
  • New parent morning teas

 Meetings are held once a month and your involvement and support is valued, no matter how small.  If you are interested in becoming involved or would like information on any upcoming events / fundraisers, please contact : Myschel Albrecht or Julia Morum at 

The PTA are proud to have donated many resources to the school. 

These are some of the things that have been purchased through the PTA fundraising efforts over the last few years:  

Caretakers Shed $10,000

Shade sail, Junior Block $3,050

Washing machine and dryer

Paint drying racks for Junior school $1,392

Junior readers $3,000

Teaching Stations $3500

Netbooks for middle school $5,500

Maths Equipment for middle school $1,000

Classroom games for middle school $500

Desktop computers for Senior school $5,000

Ipads for Senior school and Science room $2,500

Projector $1,500

Media Room  Equipment $1,000

Computers for Intermediate school $4,000

Music recorder sets $780

Stars on Stage costumes $500

House Activity needs $500

Gym Equipment $8,000

Enviro group $242

Multi purpose room - furniture, kitchen and blinds $25,000

International Flags $1,513

House Events rewards $500

PE Equipment $2,000

Various storage systems throughout the school  $2,500

Hands on learning games $2,500

Teacher texts $2,000

Anti glare for windows (Year 7/8 block) $2,616

Ipads for Junior school $7,034

ICT general needs $3,000

Wireless upgrade for whole school $3,765

Science Equipment $300

Mac laptops $15,000

Computers for Junior School $10,000

Novel sets, Readers and Maths Books $6,000

Dictionaries $300

Readers for ELL (learning centre) $2,000

Sound System $ 1,066

Mini Tennis System $900

15 Digital Cameras $3,594

Middle School reading books $5,000

Upper Middle School and Senior reading books $15,722

4 LCD TV screens on trolleys $7,500

Shade Sails (Year 7 block) $ 3,600

10 Macbook Laptops $14,000

15 PC Netbooks $11,000

Portable Gazebo / Marquee $3,000

Lunchtime Sports Equipment $2,000

Inside Games for rainy days $2,000

5 Digital Still Cameras $ 1,000

Video Camera for student use $1,000

Video Camera for QPS News $1,000

Portable School Banners $2000

Hardwood Outdoor Seating $13,580

Portable Soccer goals for lunchtime student use $139.50